e martë, 24 prill 2007

Mathma Gandhi

Name: Mathma Gandhi

Date of Birth: October 2, 1869 to 1948

Place of Birth: Porbandar (Gujarath)

Description: A traveler, who came from Europe to India about thirty-five years ago, was asked: ‘What do you wish to see in India?’ His reply was: 'The Himalayas, The Taj Mahal and Mahatma Gandhi.'It was neither wealth nor power that made Gandhiji so famous. He became famous for certain goodquality that he possessed. He always practiced what he taught. He did not do evil to any body; and also, he did not even consider the evil doer as wicked.He wished him well; and wished all well; he wished well to everything,and at all times.He looked upon all with love,and worked all through life to put an end to hatred and to spread love. From ancient times such a man of lovehas been called a 'Mahatma 'in India.

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