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Manmohan Singh

Name: Dr. Manmohan Singh

Date of Birth: 26 September 1932

Place of Birth: Gah, Punjab


He was born on 26 September 1932, now in district Chakwal, Pakistan , into a Kohli family. His economics education included an undergraduate a master's degree Panjab University, Chandigarh; an undergraduate degree Cambridge University (St. John's College); and a doctorate from Oxford University (Nuffield College). (Oxford University awarded him an honorary Doctor of Civil Law degree in June 2005.) Dr. Singh has been married since 1958; he and his wife, Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, have three daughters.

Dr. Singh's image is of a formidable intellectual, a political leader of integrity, someone who is compassionate and attentive to common people, and as a recognised technocrat. Although legislative achievements have been few and the Congress-led alliance is routinely hampered by conflicts, Singh's administration has focused on reducing the fiscal deficit, providing debt-relief to poor farmers, extending social programs and advancing the pro-industry economic and tax policies that have launched the country on a major economic expansion course since 2002. Singh has been the image of the Congress campaign to defuse religious tensions and conflicts and bolster political support from minorities like Muslims, Christians and Sikhs.

The Prime Minister's foreign policy has been to continue the new peace process with Pakistan initiated by his predecessor, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Exchange visits by top leaders from both countries have highlighted this year, as has reduced terrorism and increased prosperity in the state of Kashmir.

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