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Virender Sehwag

Name: Virender Sehwag

Date of Birth: October 20, 1978

Place of Birth: Delhi


Sehwag spent his childhood in a bungalow in a joint family with siblings, uncles, aunts and 16 cousins[citation needed]. Though now settled in New Delhi, the Sehwag family hailed from Haryana. Sehwag was the third of four children born to father Krishan and mother Krishna Sehwag, with two older sisters Manju, Anju and younger brother Vinod. His father attributes his interest in cricket to a toy bat which he was given when he was seven months old He attended Arora Vidya School in Delhi, and pestered his parents to let him play cricket, on the basis that he was not academically gifted. His father tried to end his career when he broke a tooth as a child in 1990, but Sehwag evaded the ban with the help of his mother.

In ODI cricket, Sehwag has enjoyed the most success against New Zealand, scoring four of his eight centuries against them, whilst averaging 45 in 16 games. Sehwag's worst record is against world champions Australia, against whom he averages only 22 in 17 games, with just two half centuries. Sehwag's scoring rate is extremely quick, at 96.76 runs per 100 balls (it is exceeded only by six current players, only one of whom has played 100 matches), but his average is a fairly ordinary 31.50. His average is highest whilst playing in New Zealand, and is higher in the subcontinent and Oceania than in other places. He has had more success in run chases, averaging four more than when batting first, as well as scoring five of his eight centuries in run chases. He has lead India on three occasions, due to the unavailability of Dravid due to illness, injury or rotation policy.

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